The families of San Felipe are in desperate need of our help.
Will you help us, help them?
Call: 805-704-5547 for information.

About Casa Digna

building communities.
house out of tires Casa Digna

About the Project

The Goals

  1. Provide single mothers and other vulnerable families with their own home.
  2. Build houses and fences with old tires and other recycled materials.
  3. Offer employment opportunities with social security benefits.
  4. Create a safe and secure community.
  5. Promote and provide opportunity for social engagement, education and betterment of residents and the community.

To qualify for a home, recipients must:

  • Complete the application process, and sign a rules and conduct agreement.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Have no property of their own.
  • Test free of drugs.
  • Work a minimum of 100 volunteer hours helping to build the community.

The community will consist of the following.

  • 44 Homes
  • Child Care Center
  • Computer Center
  • 2 Laundries
  • 2 Public Bathrooms
  • Learning center
  • Work Shop
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • Play Ground
  • Sports Field

Casa Digna Map of Community

Casa Digna Model