The families of San Felipe are in desperate need of our help.
Will you help us, help them?
Call: 805-704-5547 for information.

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    22 May 2019
    Heriberto Beltran Vega is walking the footing he helped prepare.    
  • Casa Digna
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    22 May 2019
    Florencia, and other recipients of homes, are building a tire fence.  
  • Casa Digna
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    22 May 2019
    Mostly women and children are stuffing the area between the tires with newspaper, cardboard and empty cement sacks.    
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    22 May 2019
    One couple, and several single mothers with their children, take a break to smile for the camera.  
Founders Statement

Who are we?

Casa Digna SF AC is a community of people who want to help those who could use a hand up in an economy that cannot support their basic needs.  While doing so we are cleaning up the local area by taking advantage of a resource readily available to us in abundance, Old Tires!

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We Thank You!

Congratulations to the Montoya Family on their new home!

Please Help!


Parra and Gomez Family

67% Donated/$12,900 To Go
To learn more about these families please click on their picture. Parra and Gomez Families.
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Next Families

Macias Family

Librada Franco Macias and Alejandro.

The Macias family is next for getting a new home.

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Why Casa Digna?

How it all started!

Take a moment to view this video, that will inform you about the vision of Casa Digna founder, Melody Ashley. Why this is needed and who benefits from your donations. 

We need your help

Our Mission

To create sustainable homes and communities for vulnerable families through recycling, job creation, and stable housing.

Our Vision

That every family would have safe and sustainable housing.

Event Sponsors

Your sponsorship of our events is greatly appreciated.